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A Wedding in Spring

A Wedding in Spring

We love spring It is the season that brings a fresh start to the year with the weather warming up and our days starting to get longer it is a perfect time to get married. Our Brighton Belle collection of 50s inspired tealength gowns are perfect for spring. The many designs give plenty of choice to suit a brides personality, chosen venue and this particular season. Spring flowers are unique to this time of year so if tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are amongst your favourite flowers and...

Favourite flower

A wedding theme has to start somewhere right? So why not base it around your favourite flower, it's going to be at the wedding so it may as well be the starting point to your special day.Some flowers are grown all year round and some are seasonal check with your florist for the time of year your particular favourite is as it may also dictate the wedding date!Your chosen flower may also help with your colour scheme. Some flowers likes rose's are available in a huge...