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When should I start looking for my wedding gown?

When should I start looking for my wedding gown?

This has to be one of the most asked questions in Bridal and it's a good one. Unlike buying clothing from the high street a wedding gown has an ordering process and can take up to 9 months to arrive. You also need to factor in time for any appointments you may need with a seamstress to allow for minor tweaks to your gown, which can add on 6-8 weeks depending on her workload. Hoping you aren't panicked at this stage we advise that your gown shopping should start...

Looking for Accessories?

Congratulations, you've found your dress and now its time to be looking for the accessories. Accessories are anything from tiaras and veils to underskirts, belts, backlets, garters - the list goes on. For the hair...

Cheap Wedding Dresses – Are you sacrificing quality for price?

One of the hardest things to fix during your wedding planning is the BUDGET and do you want to settle for a cheap wedding dress? Let's face it, your wedding is the first major event you've planned in your life and we all walk into this with no idea of how much things cost, so its easy for this to quickly get out of control. When you start to list all the essential requirements for said event (with the wedding dress being at the very top) you start...