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For exquisite bridal wear

Please note:  Whichever bridal shop you visit, sales advisors will catch on sooner or later if you are trying on dresses with the sole purpose of having a dressmaker reproduce the style that suits you best or buying one on the internet.   Please do not expect shops to be co-operative when it is obvious you are deliberately wasting their time.

Look in magazines and visit bridal fayres / exhibitions upto 18 months before. Around 9 to 12 months before, visit recommended bridal shops displaying the RBA sign. The RBA ( Retail Bridalwear Association)) helps the bride to avoid disappointments by connecting her with its members offering the highest possible standards of quality and service. La Fleur Bridal is one such member in the North Manchester area.

Yes. Most shops operate an appointment system to offer the best customer service. Most shops allow an hour for trying on gowns. Making an appointment ensures no interruptions and you can visit on the day and time that suits you best. If you're planning a day of trying on, ring each Bridal shop you are visiting in advance to ensure your day runs smoothly especially when family/friends are visiting with you.

Whoevers' opinion you trust the most, usually your mother or your best friend. Avoid taking a crowd, especially children who will only distract and confuse you. On your first visit, La Fleur Bridal restricts the number of people within your party to a maximum of three.

Shops try their best to provide a good service and the widest possible range. However, the choice of styles would be limited if they had each style in every size. Experienced bridal staff will advise you on suitability of design and size just as a hair stylist can advise on a new hairdo. Many shops now cater for sizes 18+. La Fleur Bridal caters for sizes upto 30.

When you have ordered at La Fleur Bridal, a minimum of 50% of the total cost of the dress is payable, the balance being due when the dress arrives. Arrangements can be made to pay the balance by monthly standing order from your bank account if you wish. In this case, the last monthly instalment will be one month before the wedding date. Appointments will be made for fittings at the earliest one month before the wedding date, for which you will need the shoes and underwear you intend to wear on your wedding day.

As with most deposits paid towards wedding services, unfortunately not. Good sales advisors will make sure you are completely happy with your choice of dress before you order and we guarantee we do not employ hard selling techniques which are so prevalent in bridal shops these days. It is a good idea to take out wedding insurance in case you have to cancel your wedding due to circumstances beyond your control. The once-only premium payment is quite inexpensive compared to the amount of deposits you stand to lose in the event of cancellation.

Many designs are subject to copyright, so avoid the risk of prosecution and also disappointment from a poorly made copy. Remember, if you don't like the dress that's been made for you by a dressmaker, it will generally be too late to have another made or to order one from a shop.