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Looking for Accessories?

Looking for Accessories?

Congratulations, you’ve found your dress and now its time to be looking for the accessories.

Accessories are anything from tiaras and veils to underskirts, belts, backlets, garters – the list goes on.

For the hair…

As our top tip states we recommend you choose any hair accessories with your hair in the style you have chosen for your wedding. You could co-ordinate an Accessory appointment to follow on from your hair trial that way you know its as it will be on the day or roughly pin/curl your hair ready for visiting us to try on pieces.

This really does save you time that when you’re wedding planning you have little of.

Other Accessories…

So you thought it was just veil and tiara – that’s the easy bit! You may need to consider an underskirt for your gown and whether you’re wearing tealength, fishtail, A-line or princess there’s one for each style.

Next, you’re wanting to put your signature on the dress you’ve chosen and we have a range of belts instore as well as feature straps to turn that strapless design into a whole new gown.

For a low back feature gown you may not want a veil but a gorgeous backlet. This will effortlessly take you from day to night and really add a new dimension to your look.

Garters are a tradition, and as we mentioned on our facebook/instagram last week they were thrown after the ceremony to prevent ‘want to be Brides’ from taking a piece of your wedding dress for good luck!! We have a selection instore available in white, ivory, blue or with a hint of blue.

What next….

Well we have other suggestions but then you wouldn’t need to book an appointment with us so we’ll save the rest for when you visit.

You can view some of our hair piece collections by following the link below and use the Contact Us form to make an Accessory Appointment so we can help you tick off your list making you one step closer to wedding day ready xx


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