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Cheap Wedding Dresses – Are you sacrificing quality for price?

Cheap Wedding Dresses – Are you sacrificing quality for price?

One of the hardest things to fix during your wedding planning is the BUDGET and do you want to settle for a cheap wedding dress? Let’s face it, your wedding is the first major event you’ve planned in your life and we all walk into this with no idea of how much things cost, so its easy for this to quickly get out of control.

When you start to list all the essential requirements for said event (with the wedding dress being at the very top) you start to realise you may not need friends of friends on the guest list, and that a 2 bridesmaid compromise will be ok seeing as you have to pay to dress them from head to toe and arm them with a bouquet of flowers. This realisation helps to channel money into areas that you may not have known requires a few more pennies than first thought.

We’re happy to tell you there are ways to keep costs down to help you stay in control of the spending and to ensure you achieve the wedding of your dreams.

Your gown will be at the top of your list and there is always a pressure to wow with a worry of will everyone like it? If you have invited your nearest and dearest to this special day they will love it. You aren’t just picking a gown that makes you look like a Bride, you find a gown that makes you feel special, gorgeous and most of all it brings out the best in you.

So still thinking this is going to cost a fortune? Well not necessarily, we here at La Fleur Bridal have a selection of wedding dresses that are in stock, affordable and will help keep that budget in check.

Starting from £295 our ‘One and Only’ collection has a selection of quality stock gowns from our designers that are ready to be chosen and taken home the same day. There are fishtails, A-lines, princess and destination gowns all waiting to be chosen as ‘The One’. By selecting a gown from this collection you are saving money but your dress isn’t cheap as its a quality, designer gown at a discounted price.


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