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Bridal Accessories

Bridal Accessories

Congratulations you have selected the wedding dress of your dreams. You know how important it was for you to get the perfect dress as this is one very special occasion. With this in mind your accessories must compliment your style choice otherwise all your hardworking searching for and finding the gown has gone to waste.

We may not all want to wear a veil (although 99% of you do even if you said ‘no’ on your first appointment) and you may not want to wear a traditional tiara but getting the right accessories to compliment your wedding dress is so important.

Real Bride Jenny Nov 2019

Depending on your theme a veil whether its a long cathedral length or our popular ’72 drop’ may not be suitable. Take our Brighton Belle tealength collection for example, we have found the Birdcage designs to be a more popular choice. Its still a type of veiling but covers part of the face rather than trailing down the back of the gown.


Traditional tiaras haven’t been the choice of Bride’s in some of our True Bride collection where the gowns are very vintage inspired. A beautiful hairvine or haircomb has been more suited to the styling of hair chosen to compliment the wedding dress.


In traditional gowns such as Princess and A-line designs, Brides tend to opt for a veil and tiara. The veil being one of the 2 lengths mentioned and depending on the style of hair various heights for the tiara.

Twilight Designs TLH4507
Pearl and diamante Tiara

All of this information is not set in stone. Each Bride has an individual take on their wedding dress and theme for their wedding so ideas and suggestions are great but the overall decision is down to the Bride herself.

Accessories display La Fleur Bridal

Here at La Fleur Bridal we have selected veils, tiaras and hairpieces that compliment our wedding dresses. We’ve looked at the finer detailing such as the type of lace and beadwork on our veils and hairpieces. By doing this we’ve ensured that our accessories collection compliments your choice of gown perfectly and your bridal look will shine on your wedding day.


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