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Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic Wedding Theme

We all look at the internet for one thing and end up hours later looking at a totally different subject and this is easily done when looking for wedding inspiration. Inspired by the images on Google and Pinterest we soon get side tracked to all sorts of ideas.

This morning I googled wedding inspo and I was really taken with Rustic Wedding Theme. Especially with the idea of an outdoor wedding (in our Northern weather I know but I can dream) sat out under the stars, being one with nature and festoon lighting. Got to have festoon lighting!

📸 @pinterest

Obviously we here in the North would look more to a rustic setting such as a barn and with several around us available for weddings we can create the outdoors, inside to achieve our rustic theme.

📸 @google

When creating a rustic theme flowers are important and we tend to go for the ‘just gathered’ look in simple summer flowers such as gypsophila, larkspur, sweet peas, alchemila and more with grasses to give a simple nod to nature that we’ve not over structured what has been given us naturally. Tables are decorated with jam jars of small flower clusters sat on a wooden slice for effect and as well as the lights, candles to give a warm glow into the night.

W225 by True Bride at La Fleur Bridal

The all important wedding dress for a rustic wedding theme varies from person to person. We have found our True Bride and Brighton Belle collections to be very popular for rustic with our gorgeous W225 vintage styled gown and Polly from Brighton Belle leading the way.

Polly by Brighton Belle at La Fleur Bridal

We could share lots and lots of content for this theme but at the end of the day each Bride that chooses this look has to put their own stamp on it and with all that’s out there, there’s plenty of ideas to adapt to your taste so your wedding reflects you and your partners personalities.

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