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Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding Dress Shopping

Congratulations you’re engaged and the most important item on your and any Bride’s list is THE WEDDING DRESS. But where do you start???

The internet is full of images showing the latest designs for us to look at and be inspired by but what is the most important factor for you. What are you looking for in your dress? Answer this question and you will make wedding dress shopping a whole lot easier.

There are a few out there who have no idea what style to go for in terms of fitted Fishtail, A-line or Princess but when you throw Tealength, Fit’n’Flare and Column in the mix things get confusing.

So start by asking yourself ‘What are my best body features and which are the ones I’m conscious of?’

Most of us will automatically find fault with ourselves before giving ourselves a compliment and we’ve found the most hated areas on our Brides bodies have been height (lack of), shoulders, arms, bust too large or too small, tummy, thighs and bottom! We’ve never met anyone who was conscious of all these areas its usually just one area we need to concentrate on and once in the right gown the Bride doesn’t even notice it.

So for example

You are conscious of your tummy area = avoid fitted fishtail and look at A-line, Princess designs with strapless bodice or thin detailed straps.

Our Style and Fit Appointment is perfect for anyone who is beginning their bridal journey with no idea of what they suit. We’ve planned it to help focus on finding your style. We take you through designs breaking the process down into skirt styles and necklines which helps you feel confident you know the style you are looking for.

Once you start trying on and you find your style you will start to appreciate the detailing on the dresses. From satin to tulle, lace to beading the options are endless but remember you’ve narrowed down the vast choice already as you know your style.

Our Style and Fit appointment is priced at £45. We run this Wednesday to Friday and the session is for an hour and a half. We ask that you bring 1 guest with you so we can really focus on you. Should you choose a dress with us on the day or within 6 months you can redeem the £45 against your dress purchase. We provide a little goody bag of information and arm you with knowledge of the style you suit.

To book this appointment please us the contact button below or telephone us Wednesday to Saturday on 01616537003


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