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Busy Behind the Scenes

La Fleur Bridal

Busy Behind the Scenes

We can’t open the doors of our shop yet but we’re busy behind the scenes. Deliveries of gowns are still being accepted, full clean of shop and the updating of working practises are being put together as we speak, ready for our re-opening.

Life won’t be the same but its not a bad thing if nothing else, I and I’m sure many of you have realised what we appreciate in life. For me its family and friends and I’m sure many of you are the same. Once lockdown is over many of us will all work towards keeping in contact with friends and family much more and appreciate time and better manage the use of our time in our future lives.

It has certainly given us a new perspective in our business and we’ve taken steps to assess and implement some changes in the layout of our shop. We’ve taken time to create a new reception area to ease entering the premises for your appointments. This will help maintain social distancing on our premises and was one of our priority jobs to do as its become so important now to be aware of people around you and it will be for some time to come.

We have other mini projects in the pipeline and will reveal them as and when they happen. All this is with our staff and customers in mind to ensure a pleasant experience here at La Fleur Bridal.

We very much look forward to opening again and we will soon but for now we follow the government guidelines and we will be ready to open as and when we officially can.

Take care, Stay Safe, Stay Alert,

LFB xx


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