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Bridesmaids- choosing the right dresses for your girls

Bridesmaids- choosing the right dresses for your girls

Bridesmaids- choosing the right dresses for your girls

Looking for something different for your bridesmaids? With so much choice circling the bridal world for colour, style and detail, finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses to suit all your girls can seem quite a challenge. Weddings are a special time for both the bride and grooms family and friends, therefore the bridesmaids must feel  happy and comfortable in whatever dress they wear,  after all they hold a special place in the brides heart as they have been chosen  for this special role on her big day.

The first thing to consider is colour. For this years Spring/ Summer  weddings we have seen a lot of muted tones,  such as sage green, blush pink and powder blue appearing in the shop which look fab with longer lengths for that elegant look. Choosing a colour that suits everyone is also a tricky job due to everyone’s difference in skin tone, but our wide range of colour choice offers you the option to choose complimentary shades allowing the dresses to match in some form of way.

Once you’ve picked the  colour you can focus on style. It’s important to decide whether all the girls will wear the same or different dresses on the day. If all in the same chosen style of dress, this ideally needs to suit all body shapes and heights, in order for the dress to flatter. On the other side, if wearing all different styles then this may make things a little easier in terms of finding a dress  to suit everyone.  A nice idea could be that certain detail features to the dresses compliment each other,  such as colour or even similar beading on them.

Another point to consider for both style and colour of the bridesmaid collections you are viewing  is whether they go well with the colour scheme and theme of your wedding. If for example you chose a vintage style bridesmaid dress but have a modern theme to the wedding, this choice of styling may not give as big an impact on the day. It is always best to ensure everything works well together to maximise the effect of your wedding plans and ideas for the big day.

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